Spire Online Booking Terms

Please read these online booking terms carefully – they cover services we provide and also services we arrange on behalf of Consultants who practise at Spire which are booked online. These terms must be read in conjunction with the Spire Healthcare Patient Terms and Conditions - the Patient Terms.

Any defined terms in the Patient Terms shall have the same meaning if used in these terms. If these terms conflict with the Patient Terms then these terms shall take precedence.

Spire may update these terms from time to time. Any changes will apply to any new appointment after you have been asked to agree to the new terms.

Booking on behalf of others

If you make a booking on someone else’s behalf, then you confirm you have their consent to do so and you agree to be responsible for verifying that any information you provide on behalf of the patient is complete and accurate.

By booking on someone else’s behalf you are responsible for making all payments due in connection with a booking, notifying us of any changes or cancellations and keeping the patient informed. By confirming your acceptance to these terms you confirm that you have the authority of the patient to enter into the Contract on their behalf.

Our services (IMPORTANT - Please read carefully)

Spire provides a variety of outpatient healthcare services including: GP appointments, physiotherapy, and diagnostic services (eg X-ray, MRI and blood tests).

Please pay particular attention to the sections in the Patient Terms about Consultants. Consultants are independent practitioners and not employees of Spire. For example, an appointment booked online for an outpatient consultation with a Consultant (excluding Spire GP) is arranged by Spire on the Consultant’s behalf and the fee is held, by us, as collection agent of the Consultant for the administrative convenience of all parties. The Consultant will be responsible for the Care he/she gives you. We will not be liable for any act or omission of a Consultant (or the company or partnership that employs or engages the Consultant).


Payment for the cost of your appointment will be required once you have chosen a convenient date and time and provided your registration details. On receipt of payment your booking will be confirmed.

As the details of your credit/debit card used to pay for your booking, will not be stored by us, a card swipe will be taken on your arrival at the Hospital reception to cover any additional services such as if an you receive any additional services (eg a blood test, scan or other diagnostic test).

Cancellation and refunds

If you wish to rearrange or cancel a booking you should call the Hospital booking team as soon as possible.

If you book within 14 days of the date of your appointment then you agree to waive the benefit of the standard 14 day 'cooling off period' where you would otherwise be entitled to cancel and receive a full refund of the appointment fee.

If you cancel a booked appointment at any time up to 24 hours before the appointment you will receive a full refund if the appointment cannot be rescheduled to a convenient time and date.

If you are unable to attend or otherwise need to cancel a booked appointment within 24 hours of the appointment (and it cannot be rescheduled to a convenient time and date for all parties) then no refund will be payable.

Refunds will only be paid to the cardholder or person who made the original payment and will be made through the same means as payment was made. 

If you attend a booking but are unable to receive services because you are not in an appropriate physical condition then you will not be entitled to a refund.

Your data

Spire and your Consultant(s) (including their medical secretaries) will process all personal data which it/they hold about you in accordance with its/their data protection obligations, the duty of confidentiality and Spire’s Privacy Notice (“PN”). The PN describes in detail how we will manage, use and store your data and sets out the purposes for which Spire and your Consultant(s) (including their medical secretaries) manage, use and store your data.


Spire and your Consultant(s) (including their medical secretaries) will only process your personal data for the purposes set out in the PN where there is a lawful basis for doing so and to the extent that it is necessary to fulfil that purpose. You also have the right to object to us processing your data in particular ways (as detailed further in our PN), and we must give effect to that objection unless we have a valid, lawful reason for refusing to do so. Further detail should be sought from the PN but, by way of summary, Spire and your Consultant(s) (including their medical secretaries) may use, manage and store your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To set you up as a patient on our systems
  2. To provide you with healthcare and related services
  3. Tor account settlement
  4. For medical research (which includes information sharing with ethically approved research projects and/or clinical audit, as well as with national registries)
  5. To resolve queries or complaints
  6. To update other individuals about your care, including sharing a summary of your treatment with your GP or your dentist
  7. To comply with our legal or regulatory obligations
  8. To provide improved quality, training and security, including conducting post-treatment surveys to improve our services for the purposes of patient safety and quality
  9. To monitor the outcomes of your treatment, including conducting pre and post treatment patient reported outcome surveys
  10. To manage our business operations; and
  11. To provide marketing information in accordance with preferences you have expressed

Medical registries

Your information (including medical information) may be disclosed to medical registries including, but not limited to, the National Joint Registry, Cancer Registry and Public Health England in accordance with s.251 NHS Act 2006 and the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002. A more comprehensive (although not exhaustive) list is provided in our PN, along with more details as to the basis upon which that information is shared.

We are expected to participate in any national registries or audits that accept data from the private sector, although in many cases those registries will have their own, separate consent process which you will be asked to consider on a case-by-case basis. If you object to your information being held by any registry, please contact the relevant registry directly.

Your information (including medical information) may also be disclosed by your clinician to a medical registry. If you object to your information being provided to and held by any registry, please tell your clinician directly.

Healthcare regulatory

As part of a UK-wide programme to improve the public's access to information on the quality and outcome of private healthcare, we are required to share certain information related to your treatment with the Private Healthcare Information Network (“PHIN”), an organisation who will monitor outcomes of patients who receive private treatment. As we are under a specific legal obligation to share information relating to your private treatment and care with PHIN, we do not require your consent to do so. Further information is set out within our Privacy Notice.

PHIN, like us, will apply the highest standards of confidentiality to personal information in accordance with data protection laws and the duty of confidentiality. Further information about how PHIN uses information, including its Privacy Notice, is available at www.phin.org.uk.

Objection to processing

If you have any concerns or object to any of the purposes for which Spire processes your data as set out above, please contact Spire’s Data Protection Officer at dataprotection@spirehealthcare.com. If you have any concerns or if you object to any of the purposes for which your Consultant(s) (including their medical secretaries) process your data as set out above, please contact your clinician directly.